If you are having trouble organising an activity to suit everyone in the office then choose a full day of paintball action to satisfy your needs.

Paintball is an exciting and adventurous activity that is perfect for everyone. Whether you want to lead from the front and attack or provide cover for your team mates and defend from the back, a full day of paintball action is the perfect corporate team building activity.

Get out onto the paintball field and reward for your valued staff! It will improve productivity, raise staff morale and give everyone an opportunity to bond as a group. Paintball fields around the world have been entertaining corporate groups since the inception of the sport and paintball is now one of the most preferred corporate team building activities.

It is a great team building exercise that gets everyone in the office involved. All players are equal on the field as fitness levels and physical ability is not as important as other sports. You’ll be amazed at the energy your team will show when they are out on the paintball field and all guns are blazing.

Paintball is a sport of tactics and strategy and these must be applied on the paintball game zone if their team is to be victorious.

You can also provide rewards for the winning team, most improved player or best Rambo manoeuvre on the day. Whatever the prizes are, we’re sure you’ll see some impressive moves out on the paintball fields as your staff all compete for the coveted awards you choose to present.

Your corporate paintballing team building experience will be the talk around the office for weeks (if not months) after the event.

So if you want an experience that will be fun for the whole office, contact your closest paintball centre and ask about the options available to suit your corporate needs.