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Use of unauthorised firearms at paintball fields

Use of unauthorised firearms at paintball fields

It is a shame that our industry can be damaged by the apparent reckless use of unlicensed Prohibited Firearms at paintball facilities. Advertised on a Facebook fan page is this picture that is clearly in breach of the regulations on prohibited firearms as stated in...

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AUPBA NSW State Government submission

After many years of lobbying the NSW State Government to lower the minimum Paintball age, the effort and hard work has started to show real promise. The AUPBA has this week, been invited to participate in a workshop / round-table  to discuss the future of the...

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We are committed to the promotion and protection of the paintball industry within Australia and New Zealand.

Becoming a member of the AUPBA is free of charge. It gives those in the Paintball Industry a voice and also gives you access to many resources.

Because it is a free membership, it allows you to get involved in the industry without an initial outlay of your hard earned cash. We would ask that you question where your cash goes when you consider other so called “associations”. The AUPBA also has an international reach, with members and experience in all states of Australia and regions of New Zealand.

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Create an umbrella organisation that serves as a single point of contact in relation to any and all aspects of paintball


Provide a comprehensive source of information and resources to government, the police, advisor bodies, the media, paintball players and paintball operators


Provide open discussion of issues relating to the industry both within Australia, New Zealand and internationally


Make the activity of paintball more widely recognised and accessible, particularly to new players and markets


introduce a benchmark of quality and strive to improve the facilities and service at paintball centres Australia & New Zealand-wide


Have the activity further recognised by the public and accepted as a legitimate and growing sport

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AUPBA gives those in the Paintball Industry a voice

and also gives you access to many resources.