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AUPBA NSW State Government submission

After many years of lobbying the NSW State Government to lower the minimum Paintball age, the effort and hard work has started to show real promise. The AUPBA has this week, been invited to participate in a workshop / round-table  to discuss the future of the...

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NSW Police Force Announces Paintball Review

Paintball Reform A Real Possiblity After years of campaigning the NSW State Government and regulatory bodies, it seems that a review is finally set to take place. Click here for the NSW Police Force Review - Press Release. The AUPBA will continue to participate in...

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Paintball minimum age drops in Victoria

After years of campaigning by the AUPBA and other industry leaders, the minimum age for Paintball in Victoria will drop from 18 to 16 years of age from 1st September 2015. It’s an exciting announcement for Paintball centres and players alike who have previously had to...

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