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Paintball Age Set To Drop In Victoria

After many years of campaigning by the AUPBA, Victorian Paintball operators and the general public, the Victorian Department of Justice has today notified the AUPBA that the Justice Legislation Amendment (Firearms and Other Matters) Bill 2014 was introduced to...

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New paintball game for kids

Although the battle continues to have legislators reduce the minimum age to participate in paintball around Australia,months of work have finally paid off with both Victoria and the ACT approving the new modified version of Paintball called MiniBall for players under...

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Paintball In Brisbane Receives a Boost

The Paintball Community in Brisbane received a much needed boost with the recent opening of the first outdoor Paintball centre in over 10 years. Delta Force Paintball – Petrie opened on the 4th May to rave reviews and excellent feedback from customers. Over 400...

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The best paintball in Australia

With paintball increasing in popularity, it is becoming crucial that customers know exactly what they will receive on their next paintball adventure. There are vast differences in the quality of paintball centres in Australia and that’s why we’ve devised a system that...

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AUPBA push to lower the national Minimum Age of Paintball

When you book a VIP paintball event through IPG you can rest assured knowing that all of our centres have been carefully chosen as they offer an incredible, safe and fun experience for all who attend. Paintball in the 21st century has come a long way from it’s...

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Paintball Games and Tactics around Australia

The sport of paintball is very competitive and one that requires a good strategy in order to be victorious. It is similar to a game of chess; you need to be intelligent and predict the opposition’s next move, but you also need to stay aware of the situation at hand...

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Paintball Skirmish in Perth

Paintball has come a long way in Perth and now offers some of the best paintballing in Australia. There are two world-class AUPBA-approved paintball centres in Perth and both of them offer the very best in terms of action and adventure. These two centres have received...

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Paintball Safety Standards in Australia

As paintball develops into a mainstream sport in Australia, it is essential that paintball safety standards also develop with the sport to ensure the safety of all players. Technological advancements are apart of today’s sporting world whether we like it or not. In...

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Where can you find a paintball centre in Australia?

One of the objectives of the Australian Paintball Association (AUPBA) was to provide a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of paintball, including where you can play in Australia. The AUPBA lists all approved-members, which can be accessed on our...

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