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NSW Paintball Representatives “Displayed Exceptional Professionalism and Unity”

Posted on: October 4th, 2017 by AUPBA

The Paintball Industry appears to be impressing stakeholders as we work with the State Government to remodel the regulation of Paintball in NSW. More than ten Industry representatives joined  facilitators and policy regulators to propose measured and realistic improvements to current regulations. These Industry representatives included field owners, manufacturers, marketing companies and Association representatives.

Paintball variation specifically designed for children

Paintball Variations Designed Specifically For Young Children

I would like to reiterate my comments in relation to the conduct of the industry representatives who have taken the time out to contribute to this important initiative” said a member of the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI). “It is not always easy to get stakeholders together when developing new regulation. However, the representatives who have attended the two workshops have displayed exceptional professionalism and unity. They have been able to offer their point of view in a considered and logical way.


Workshops Aim to Improve Paintball Industry Framework

DFSI has been instrumental in facilitating  co-design workshops which have helped us form a framework for a better NSW Industry. Furthermore, they have been very open in their praise of the efforts, professionalism and focus of the Paintball Industry representatives. DFSI are constantly developing regulatory policy for various industries and a very experienced in these processes.


Better Regulation Division - State Government LogoIt is important that the industry is viewed as responsible.  In addition, it must demonstrate reasonableness and have the capacity to politely discuss issues they may not necessarily agree with. From what I have observed, the industry has all these qualities” stated a member from the Better Regulation Division.


Consequently, the AUPBA continues to work with all stakeholders, Industry members and the State Government to design a better regulatory framework for the future of the sport of Paintball in NSW. Stay up to date on all the initiatives of the Paintball Industry throughout Australasia by visiting the AUPBA News page.

Children paying attention to a Paintball safety brief

Children Are Briefed And Excited To Get Involved In The Action

AUPBA Leading the Way With Paintball Industry Reform in NSW

Posted on: September 15th, 2017 by AUPBA

Change Is Coming

The consultation process is well underway for the long awaited paintball industry reform in NSW. In conjunction with Senator David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats, the Australasian Paintball Association has been leading the charge and the many years of lobbying are starting to pay off.

The NSW State Government has come to the realisation that the sport of paintball has been too heavily regulated and is looking to align the legislation with most Australian States and other countries of the world. For too long paintball players have been frustrated by these restrictive and unnecessary laws and are excited that relief is in sight.

The major items being discussed for amendment include but are not limited to:

  • A minimum age reduction from the current 16 years to 10/12 years – countries all around the world allow children from 10 years to play paintball safely including New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Canada and much of Europe.
  • The introduction of low-impact 50 calibre paintball for children 8 – 10 years, commonly known as Miniball.
  • Changing the classification of a paintball marker from “Prohibited Firearm” to the more relevant “Paintball Gun”.
  • Streamlining the control and management of paintball markers to be tracked in a more appropriate way online and without wasting Police and Government resources.

With the exploratory phase of this reform now complete, we look forward to further discussions and the process of polishing a new era of paintball in NSW. As always the Australasian Paintball Association is at the forefront of making the paintball industry the best it can be.

We will be keeping you up to date with all the progress on our website and social media platforms.

International Paintball Group Strengthens Paintball Industry

Posted on: December 13th, 2016 by AUPBA

IPG Strengthens Paintball Industry


International Paintball Group (IPG) has been operating for over fifteen years, helping paintball businesses over the world to grow and succeed. IPG’s main goal is to bring the great experience of paintball to the world, and introduce people to the game that can be played no matter who you are.

IPG has helped businesses across the globe reach new customers, and open their eyes to the paintball experience. Paintball businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the great exposure that a business such as IPG can offer.

Small businesses can often not afford to spend money on advertising, especially considering the reach that IPG can offer. This makes IPG a fantastic business, as they are offering a marketing strategy that is both comprehensive and effective.


The Australasian Paintball Association is proud to be associated with such a business. IPG is not only exposing the community to the great world of paintball, but they are supporting local businesses to grow and succeed.

IPG only supports businesses that have the highest safety standards in the industry. They do not compromise on quality or customer service when it comes to delivering their customers with the best value paintball vouchers on the market.

The AUPBA does not support paintball businesses that do not maintain the highest standards in safety and equipment, and neither does IPG. We are working together to improve the paintball experience for everyone, with the aim that families will realise that paintball is an experience that is safe for everyone, including children.

The AUPBA will continue to work with IPG to bring the great experience of paintball to Australia, and improve the name of paintball.


Posted on: September 3rd, 2015 by AUPBA

Paintball is a fun and adrenalin-filled activity that can be enjoyed by any person of any age, fitness level and ability. It is a great outdoor activity that combines leadership, strategy and teamwork in a fun and unique environment.

#10issafeIn the Eastern States of Australia however, there is a restriction imposed on the participation in Paintball games that is unjustified, unnecessary and unfairly implemented. The State Police Forces have imposed a minimum age to participate in Paintball games at 16 years of age. In NSW at least, lawmakers did not feel compelled to address this activity in legislation but the police have taken it upon themselves to impose restrictions that have no evidential basis of support. We are requesting that this unsubstantiated and unnecessary restriction be simply removed and children as young as 10 years of age be permitted to participate in Paintball games in Australia.

There is no basis to the inclusion of this restriction. Paintball is enjoyed globally by children as young as 10 years of age. The United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, and New Zealand are among the many countries that set self-imposed minimum ages of 10 years, in conjunction with insurance companies. Even Western Australia and South Australia allow people as young as 10 years of age to participate!

Paintball as an activity is safe, enjoyable and exciting. There are many benefits to children as young as 10 being able to participate in paintball games. Most other countries around the world permit this and it has been very successful, without major incident and has not produced any evidence of an increase in desensitivity to violence in adolescents or for that matter, players of any age.

Regulations such as those imposed by the Eastern states on paintball interfere with the freedoms of citizens without any favourable outcomes evident. The AUPBA simply asks that this evidence be used in making the decision to remove the minimum age criteria from State Police Force criteria and not allow the unfounded and unsubstantiated opinions of policy makers many years ago, to continue to disadvantage Australian children when the rest of the world is clearly seeing the benefits.

There is plenty of evidence out there to support this removal of the minimum age criteria. If people feel it is not appropriate for their particular child, then let them choose that and not take their children paintballing. It is simply an injustice to the sport and all future participants to maintain the blanket-ban on those under 16 playing paintball in Australia.

Support the AUPBA in its fight to remove the unsubstantiated restrictions to Paintball participation and sign our petition now.

Paintball Minimum Age Drops in Victoria

Posted on: September 1st, 2015 by AUPBA

After years of campaigning by the AUPBA and other industry leaders, the minimum age for Paintball in Victoria will drop from 18 to 16 years of age from 1st September 2015. It’s an exciting announcement for Paintball centres and players alike who have previously had to wait until they were 18 to enjoy a day of Paintball action. The minimum age drop is a result of a change to legislation and means Victoria will fall in line with New South Wales and the ACT with a minimum age of 16 years old.


The minimum age drop is welcome news to the AUPBA which has dedicated significant resources since 2008 to lobby the Victorian Government to make the change. During this time the AUPBA has worked to raise the standard of safety procedures, Paintball equipment and Paintball facilities across Victorian Paintball centres to support the minimum age drop campaign. Today all five star accredited AUPBA members provide all players with full head protection goggles, torso body armour and full neck protection. Through these initiatives, the AUPBA aims to reduce the potential for injuries on the Paintball field and increase the overall standard of Paintball across Victoria. It is these improvements that will be instrumental in ensuring the minimum age reduction has been successful and worthwhile.

With the official change now in place, Paintball enthusiasts are busily preparing their next Paintball adventure at centres throughout Victoria. In the meantime, Paintballers as young as eight years old can participate in the modified version of the sport that uses spring-powered pump action shotguns and smaller ammunition, for their adrenalin fix.

The AUPBA will provide further details on the public’s reaction to this age reduction in Victoria once players have been able to experience Paintball for the first time.

Corporate Training days with Delta Force Paintball

Posted on: October 6th, 2011 by AUPBA

Corporate paintballing days are perfect for team building and training purposes. They are even more effective when held at Delta Force Paintball, the world’s largest operator of paintball games.

With centres situated in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, round up your colleagues and get ready for what will be the most effective day of the year for your business.

Picture yourself strategically positioned behind the military convoy vehicle. Your comrades (previously recognised as co-workers) crouch behind the nearby communications base and await your orders. You have a clear view of the enemy, but do you expose your position and risk heavy fire or continue forward to a safer point of attack? The decision is yours – the fate of the unit rests on your shoulders!

What better way to encourage leadership, nurture teamwork and establish a healthy and happy business environment than a corporate day out! Delta Force is renowned for organising convenient and adventurous corporate days of paintball action – all at the lowest prices in Australia.

Having fun together is incredibly important for staff morale, retention and productivity. Yet it’s often difficult to find something that all members of the team can enjoy; for example some people may be able to play golf (and hence enjoy a corporate golf-day), whilst others will not.

The great thing about paintballing is that it’s a wonderful leveller – you don’t need any particular sporting ability, and it’s possible for men and women, as well as people of all ages and all levels of fitness to participate on an equal footing.

Delta Force frequently organises corporate days out, which can be tailored to meet your company’s goals and objectives.

It is also a perfect way to reward your valued clients, which is why so many organisations are now taking to the paintball field for a fun day of paintball.

Delta Force has an impeccable safety record and quality game zones to match, ensuring your staff and clients are in safe hands.

To find out more information about Delta Force, click here to visit their website.


AUPBA Leading the Way With Paintball Industry Reform in NSW

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