Minimum Age Petition

Those who are 12 years or older in South Australia and Western Australia can play, so why can’t teenagers around the rest of Australia enjoy the thrills of the great sport that is paintball? Paintball participation around the world enables teenagers as young as 10 to participate.... Why is Australia such a nanny-state?

This reduction in age will enable more people to experience the fun and excitement of Paintball in a safe and professional environment.
As proven through paintballing in SA and WA, the sport is a great place for teenagers to learn about leadership, teamwork and strategy. Dropping the minimum age will help kids get outdoors and enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

Recent developments in Victoria have started things moving in the right direction but we need to continue the fight to have this baseless legislation removed and to have all teenagers in Australia treated equally and allowed to participate in this safe activity.

The AUPBA would like to thank all those who have helped us in our efforts so far. Please continue to spread the word about this petition as we move one step closer to reducing the legal Paintballing age throughout Australia.

Thank you
AUPBA - Australia's only truly national Paintball Association.

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