A reduction in red tape will make the popular activity more accessible to NSW families

SYDNEY, 08 August 2018 – A Bill regarding the regulatory changes to Paintball in NSW has been introduced into Parliament this week.

NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) was tasked with working with the industry and safety representatives to modernise paintball regulations, and streamline permit requirements while maintaining robust public safety controls. The AUPBA worked very closely with DFSI to ensure that experience and data from around Australasia and the globe was utilised in forming many of the proposed changes to the existing regulations.

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Smiles all round for these young paintballers

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said today, “These common sense regulatory changes will ensure appropriate permits, training, storage and restricted use requirements are maintained to ensure the highest levels of consumer protection and community safety.”

Major Changes in the Modernisation Bill

“Use of markers will still only be allowed at authorised venues; people wishing to purchase and own a paintball marker will still need permits; and markers will still need to be registered by the supplier with the regulator.” said Minister Kean. “A new digitised system will make it easier to apply for the required permits – saving enthusiasts and paintball businesses time and money.”

Probably most importantly for the NSW Paintball Industry, children aged 12 and over will be able to participate with parental permission, removing an anomaly which allowed them to shoot guns under supervision but not play paintball.

Other changes, to come in to effect by 1st July 2019, include more appropriate storage and transport requirments, better Paintball-specific training, less complicated aquisition processes and a better procedure for those wanting to visit NSW and play competitively.

The Media Release from Minister Kean and Minister Grant can be viewed .

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