The Australasian Paintball Association was today informed that an announcement on the proposed NSW Paintball reforms is imminent. These reforms include further direction on the minimum age for Paintball in NSW, storage requirements for Paintball markers and the licencing requirements for Paintball businesses and individuals.

Kids Paintball

The Enjoyment of Paintball Is For Children Too!

“Cabinet have made a decision on paintball reforms” said a member of the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI). Now the AUPBA has to wait while the correct announcement procedures are followed to allow us to communicate the decision to all our members. It is a very nervous wait as the NSW Paintball Industry have worked closely with DFSI through this process to come to a very amicable proposal that meets all the required criteria.

The Waiting Game Commences

The AUPBA has been in negotiations with a number of NSW State Governments over the past 10 years and with the help of DFSI, we feel this has been the most comprehensive approach to making real and required change to the Paintball Industry. As we all wait for the formal announcement, the AUPBA wants to publicly thank the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation for all of their assistance, guidance and facilitation that has given us this chance to reform Paintball in NSW. Irrespective of the result, their work has been very much appreciated by the Industry. The AUPBA will continue to fight for these reforms in NSW and throughout Australia. We will continue to strive to bring this safe, enjoyable and exciting activity to the people of Australia; in the same way it is currently enjoyed by players throughout the world.

Family-Friendly Paintball

Families Enjoy The Family-Friendly Activity of Paintball


The AUPBA continues to work with all stakeholders, Industry members and the State Government to design a better regulatory framework for the future of the sport of Paintball in NSW. Stay up to date on all the initiatives of the Paintball Industry throughout Australasia by visiting the AUPBA News page.