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The Paintball Industry appears to be impressing stakeholders as we work with the State Government to remodel the regulation of Paintball in NSW. More than ten Industry representatives joined  facilitators and policy regulators to propose measured and realistic improvements to current regulations. These Industry representatives included field owners, manufacturers, marketing companies and Association representatives.

Paintball variation specifically designed for children

Paintball Variations Designed Specifically For Young Children

I would like to reiterate my comments in relation to the conduct of the industry representatives who have taken the time out to contribute to this important initiative” said a member of the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI). “It is not always easy to get stakeholders together when developing new regulation. However, the representatives who have attended the two workshops have displayed exceptional professionalism and unity. They have been able to offer their point of view in a considered and logical way.


Workshops Aim to Improve Paintball Industry Framework

DFSI has been instrumental in facilitating  co-design workshops which have helped us form a framework for a better NSW Industry. Furthermore, they have been very open in their praise of the efforts, professionalism and focus of the Paintball Industry representatives. DFSI are constantly developing regulatory policy for various industries and a very experienced in these processes.


Better Regulation Division - State Government LogoIt is important that the industry is viewed as responsible.  In addition, it must demonstrate reasonableness and have the capacity to politely discuss issues they may not necessarily agree with. From what I have observed, the industry has all these qualities” stated a member from the Better Regulation Division.


Consequently, the AUPBA continues to work with all stakeholders, Industry members and the State Government to design a better regulatory framework for the future of the sport of Paintball in NSW. Stay up to date on all the initiatives of the Paintball Industry throughout Australasia by visiting the AUPBA News page.

Children paying attention to a Paintball safety brief

Children Are Briefed And Excited To Get Involved In The Action