One of the objectives of the Australian Paintball Association (AUPBA) was to provide a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of paintball, including where you can play in Australia.

The AUPBA lists all approved-members, which can be accessed on our locations page.

For centres to become AUPBA-approved, they must meet a stringent set of criteria. If they become accredited, they will receive one of two types of memberships to the AUPBA.

The first is a standard membership, which is for those quality paintball centres that provide a safe and action-packed day of paintballing to their customers. Also, they must contribute in a professional way towards the constant improvement of the paintball industry in Australia.

The second is a 5-star membership, which is awarded to those paintball centres in Australia who maintain a premium standard of facilities and services. They offer the ultimate paintball adventure, placing an emphasis on safety and customer service and satisfaction. These centres have been inspected and their level of professionalism and quality is the highest in the industry.

At the publication of this article, the AUPBA has issued 5-star ratings to four centres across Australia:

NSW: Appin

VIC: Dingley

WA: Muchea and Bonneys

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