Paintball is an excellent activity for the kids, especially during the holidays when you are looking for a safe but adventurous activity for them. All AUPBA-approved paintball centres hold customer safety as their foremost priority and as such they have invested in the appropriate equipment to do so.

If you are organising a group of children to play paintball, please ensure that all children will be old enough to play. At present the minimum ages to play paintball are:
– 18 years in Victoria
– 16 years in NSW and ACT
– 15 years in Queensland
– 12 years in Western Australia
– 10 years in South Australia

The AUPBA are currently petitioning to reduce the minimum age in NSW and Victoria to 12 years of age, to bring it in line with Western Australia and most other paintballing countries around the world.

It is the AUPBA’s goal to achieve a standard minimum paintballing age for all states and territories in Australia.

As proven through paintballing in SA and WA, the sport is a great place for teenagers to learn about leadership, teamwork and strategy.

Reducing the minimum age will help kids get outdoors and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. It will also allow them to participate in a fun and exciting extreme sport in a safe and controlled environment.

Please help us in our cause by signing the petition. We thank you in advance for your support.

Click this link to view all AUPBA-approved paintballing centres in Australia.