For both social and professional players alike, paintball in NSW offers some of the best paintballing in Australia. Primarily with paintball centres along the Pacific coastline, paintball in NSW utilises a great year-round temperature and the impressive and natural Australian bush to provide a great day of paintballing.

Paintball is a sport that appeals to both men and women of all fitness levels. No previous experience is necessary, which makes it the perfect sport where everyone can play. Buck’s and hen’s parties, corporate outings and youth groups are the most common groups that take to the paintball field, but at most paintball centres throughout the state, groups of all sizes are welcome.

You can locate your closest AUPBA-approved NSW paintball centre by clicking here.

Currently the minimum age to play paintball in NSW is 16 years of age, however recently the AUPBA met with the Honourable Michael Daley (Minister for Police) and the Honourable Jodie McKay (Minister for the Hunter) at Parliament House in a bid to reduce the legal playing age to 12 years of age.

This reduction in age will enable more people to experience the thrill of paintball in a safe and professional environment.

The AUPBA is constantly looking to improve paintballing standards throughout the state. All paintball centres listed on our website have passed various quality tests to ensure that they are professional, safe and fun. The highest accreditation a paintball centre can receive is a 5 star rating, which the Delta Force Paintball centre in Appin has received.

Delta Force Paintball has improved paintballing standards throughout the country with their impressive equipment and world-class paintballing facilities. On arrival at a Delta Force centre all players are issued with full-head protection goggles, a full-length body suit and a chest protector. These new initiatives improve the safety for all players and make for a more comfortable and enjoyable day.

Wherever you play throughout NSW take into consideration the equipment and facilities on offer. Paintball has come a long way over the last decade and game zones have improved from hiding behind wooden pallets to the movie-set game zones we now see at Delta Force Appin.

So to test your leadership, teamwork and strategic skills, get your friends or colleagues together and organise a paintballing adventure today.