The Australian Paintball Associations’s efforts to reduce the legal playing age to 12yrs of age in NSW, took a promising leap forward today after the President of the AUPBA, Leon Bubenicek, met with the Honourable Michael Daley (Minister for Police) and the Honourable Jodie McKay (Minister for the Hunter) at Parliament House.

A proposal was presented to the Minister for Police and both Ministers offered advice on how the Australian Paintball Association could gather further support. With the help and support of these Ministers, the Australian Paintball Association is confident that a favourable result is a realistic possibility and work will continue gathering the needed support to ensure a favourable outcome.Jodie Mckay

Thanks go out to those Association members and supporters that provided their unique insight into the proposal and have offered their ongoing support as we continue to concentrate on the single biggest opportunity in the NSW Paintball Industry.