The popularity of paintball throughout Australia is dramatically on the increase with paintballing standards and facilities constantly improving throughout the country. This is great news for paintball enthusiasts as there is a new wave of exciting game zones opening to test the skills of both amateurs and professionals alike.

A recent survey completed by an AUPBA member found that paintball players around the country are welcoming the change. One recent paintball attendee commented:

“For too long paintball standards have been below par. Now that there are more fields popping up, there is greater competition and paintball centres are going to greater lengths to satisfy their customers. This is great for us paintballers that love to get out there and try new things!”

In addition to the standard of game zones improving, the paintball equipment used at centres has also seen a massive leap in quality. The AUPBA is extremely strict on the quality of equipment and cleanliness of the clothing, ensuring that all equipment worn by customers is freshly laundered.

As paintball is an extremely popular activity for all types of parties, many providers are now also offering invitations available for download. This is an exciting step for the paintball industry as a whole as it raises the awareness of paintball events and gets more players interested in the sport.

Another paintball enthusiast commented “…the future is bright for Australian paintball. Paintball facilities have improved dramatically over the last few years and it’s an exciting time for paintball in Australia! I can’t wait to see where the sport will be in another 5 years time.”

So to see what all of the hype is about, get down to your nearest paintball centre and get involved in Australia’s fastest growing sport!